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Juan Camarón and his father travel across Cuba in the summer of 1898, photographing the island and its people as the war between Spain and the United States escalates. When his father is shot dead, Juan studies the final photographs and discovers a sinister truth: his father was not a random victim – he was murdered. In Scotland, where he has inherited property, Juan pioneers a new kind of photography, and inadvertently solves a crime – which prompts a fateful invitation to help police hunt down a serial killer in the heart of Glasgow.

Published by Allison and Busby on 23 April 2020.buyAmazon



The Longest Winter

The Longest Winter - Book


The Longest Winter was published by Twenty7, an imprint of Bonnier Publishing, in January 2016. It is set in Sarajevo during three days at the end of 1992. A British doctor arrives in the city to evacuate a little boy who is to have heart surgery in Britain. She is helped by two journalists, one of whom was indirectly responsible for the death of a colleague in Sri Lanka the previous year. The doctor and the journalists witness the daily torment of citizens in the first months of the siege. Among the people they come into contact with is a woman who has sought shelter in Sarajevo after escaping the horrific violence of her home town in the east of the country.


Out of the West

Out of the West - Book

Out of the West was published by Armida Books in October 2014. It follows the fortunes of a British intelligence officer who is sent to northern Greece in 1943 to liaise with a group of partisans, among whom are two people whose lives will intertwine with his own in the following years.
The novel examines the nature of political violence.


“What really struck me about this book is how much it reminded me of some of the best literature that has come out of Britain in the last century. The Scottish scenes have a curious combination of dourness and excitement that remind me of both Alasdair Gray, in his seminal work Lanark, as well as the bestselling books of Alexander McCall Smith. The Greek scenes are described sparingly and they feel like they could have been written by Patrick Leigh Fermor . . . The battle scenes have an authenticity that comes from the author himself, a journalist who was an eyewitness to some real battles in wartime Bosnia.”
Rupert Wolfe-Murray in The Huffington Post.